Welcome to SkyHigh Scaffolding Christchurch

Meet Canterbury’s Scaffolding Craftsmen - We’re SkyHigh Scaffolding and we want to provide safe and secure scaffolding for you for whatever your project.  Whatever the height and size, however small or large the job, we can provide the solution.

We’re a Christchurch Scaffolding Hire Company specialising in renting for both residential scaffolding and commercial scaffolding, and we take pride in our work and helping Cantabrians. We can help you with bridging, construction, customising, and dismantling.

Based in Canterbury, we are an owner-operated business employing over 20 professional tradesmen with over 250 years combined experience. We will provide a free quote and discuss what works best and how we can best support you to get what you need done. We will be servicing and maintain the scaffolding throughout the duration of work.

See our Scaffolding Craftsmen guidelines - our commitment to ourselves and to you.